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Big M Game Club


 The Big “M” Game Club


The Big “M” Game Club By laws

Article 1: Section 1: 

Name of club


Big “M” Game Club


Section 2: 

It was formed for the express purpose of promoting better sportsmanship among its followers, to conserve and protect wild life, fish and game, to see that laws of license and season be carried out to the fullest extent, to practice trap shooting and target shooting, to promote community relationship.


Article 2: Section 1:

All members will be charter members at such time; Big “M” Game Club is incorporated.


Section 2: 

All new applications shall be approved by one member. Section 3: Annual dues shall be determined each year at January meeting, asmembers present shall decide. Dues will run from January 1st until December 31st


(added 2006)Article 4: Section 1:

The officers of the Big “M” Game Club shall consist of:

  1. President 2. Vice – President 3. Treasurer 4. Secretary and a board of directors consisting of five elected members. One director shall be elected each year, at the January meeting, for a 5-year term.


Section 2: 

The term of each officer will be one year from official annual meeting except directors. All officers and directors are required to attend at least five meetings per year to be eligible to hold office the following year. (Added 2007) Any elected officer that does not renew his/her membership by the meeting following the annual meeting and election will be replaced at that following meeting by an executive committee. (Added 1980)


Section 3: 

Only paid up members shall be eligible to hold office and vote. All elected officers of the Big “M” Game Club, Inc. must be members in good standing. (Added 2007)


Section 4: Deleted in 3/11/1991


 Article 5: Section 1: 

The date of the annual meeting will be the second Monday in January. Regular meetings will be held the second Monday of each month.


Section 2: 

The board of directors will act as auditors of the clubs records, take necessary action to govern the direction the club takes, present items to membership at regular meetings.


Article 6: Section 1:

 To amend the Bylaws, an amendment must be presented, in writing, thirty days prior to the annual meeting, with 2/3 of member’s

 Present necessary for approval. (Approved or rejected)


Article 7: Section 1: 

All meetings shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedure.


Article 8: Section 1: 

At any club function open to the public, all handguns are not permitted.


Article 9: Section 1: 

Change Bylaws to DELETE the part of Article 4, Section 3: that all elected officers to the Big ”M” Game Club resides in the town of Manchester, Phelps or Hopewell. Passed 3/13/1995


Article 10: Section 1: 

Change eligibility of members who would like to hold an office position which they live outside Ontario County to: Members who live outside Ontario County and have one (1) year in good standing membership, (as described in Article 11, Section 1 of the Bylaws) may run for any office.


Article 11: Section 1: 

Amend Article 10, Section 1: to now read: Eligibility of members who would like to hold office position must be paid up members in good standing, as determined by the Board of Directors. Also Amend Article4,


Section 2:

Changing 7 meetings to 5 meetings per year to hold office, (Passed 2/13/1995)


Article 12: Section 1:

Definition of Member in Good Standing

To be a Member in Good Standing the member must qualify with the following: The member must have dues paid by no later than January 31st, current life members excluded. The member must actively participate in 4 club activities throughout the year. These include:


Attending a monthly meeting
 Assist at a club hosted event
 Sell tickets for a club hosted raffle
 Assist with club maintenance: Building repairs, mowing, painting…



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